Google Dorks – Power Up your Google Search!

How often does it happen that you want an eBook to pass the test next day or a PowerPoint presentation to show to your boss urgently? The answer is obvious, almost every day. But like everyone else, you end up searching for hours and then arrive at your required result after scanning numerous links. Here comes Google Dorks to your rescue.

Google dorks are nothing but simple search operators that are used to refine our search. Let us take an example if you want to search eBook on ‘networking’, your obvious search queries would be like this “Networking eBooks” or  “free eBooks for networking” etc, We keep going into the websites, clicking on link after links and then get proper downloading links. Now we do same thing using Google dorks and it filter the specific result which we want, type on Google “ext:pdf networking” (without quotes) and see the magic.

Here’s a list of some most widely used Google dorks to help you get along with their basic use.


Site Returns the websites of specified hacking
Intitle and allintitleIt restricts the results to pages whose title contains specified word/phrase.Intitle:confidential
InurlIt restricts the results to sites whose URLs contains specified phrase.inurl:adminlogin
 RelatedIt returns the websites similar to specified
CacheIt returns the cached webpage that is kept with Google. This dork is useful very when actually the website is down and you can still view its contents (from cached pages)
ExtIt specifies the extension .You can use filteype at place of ext.ext:ppt hacking


You can use multiple dorks in a single search query for example “site: gov inurl: adminlogin” followed by your search keyword. This will return the results having government sites and the phrase ‘adminlogin’ in the URL.

There are many more advanced dorks for you to explore. So keep adding to the above list and start using Google in a more efficient way and impress your friends, teachers or boss with your quick and accurate search results.

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