How to Reserve Windows 10 for your PC Right Now!

Microsoft recently announced that it will be rolling out Windows 10 officially on July 29, 2015. It means that Windows 10 will be available on any PCs you purchase after that date, and it will come as a free update to all existing Windows 7 / 8.1 PCs. Now, the 1st question which will come to your mind will be :

Q 1 : What’s this reserve thing all about and why should you reserve something that will be available for free ?

Microsoft is sending notifications to existing Windows 7 / 8.1 users to reserve Windows 10 for their PCs/ tablets. This is a great marketing strategy as it makes the people think “It must be exclusive since I need to reserve it! “. But in addition to being a marketing strategy, it is also beneficial for all those users who can’t wait to experience the all new Windows 10.

Reserving Windows 10 will download the upgrade for you the moment it’s available. It will be upon you when you want to install it, but you will already have all the files needed to install Windows 10 on your PC / tablet. So, reserve windows 10 right now to avoid being in the mad crowd of people who will all try to download Windows 10 on the release day.

Now, the second question is:

Q 2: How can I install Windows 10 on my PC?

Most probably, you will be seeing the Windows icon in the Notification Icons at the right-most side of your Taskbar as shown below.

windows_update (5)

If you can see it all is fine and you can continue reading. If you cannot see the icon, don’t worry ! Read the following question (Question 3)

Step 1: Click on the Windows icon discussed above and the below dialog box will open.

windows_update (3)

Step 2: Click on the “Reserve your free upgrade button” and the following will appear.


windows_update (4)

Step 3 : Enter your email address to get a notification on your email ID and press the “Send Confirmation” button.


windows_update (1)

If you can see the above message, Great you have reserved your Windows 10! Now just wait for July 29th 2015 and experience the all new Windows 10. Meanwhile, can read about the new features of  windows 10 on the official Microsoft website.


Q 3: What to do if you can’t see the Windows icon?

Please note that the free upgrade applies only to Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1. Check your system version first and then proceed as shown below.

windows_update (6)


Step 1: Go to Control Panel > System and Security > Install optional updates ( Under the heading Windows Update)

Step 2: Download and install the update with the code KB3035583.

windows_update (2)


And you are done. Restart your PC once if required and  you will see the Windows icon in the Notification Panel at the right-most side of your Taskbar and proceed as shown above in Question 2.

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